Occupational First Aid Course with CPR+ AED

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About The Course

The aim of the course is to train individuals to recognize a medical emergency situation at a workplace.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Recognize a medical emergency situation at workplace 
  • Activate the appropriate emergency response system and follow the emergency action principles
  • perform the necessary and correct first aid treatment to a casualty based on their injuries
  • perform CPR for adult victims with the appropriate use of the AED
  • Recognize the hazards of Industrial Toxicology 
  • Understand Safety Measures And Legal requirements of First Aid within the workplace

Course Objective:

  • Enable trainees to meet the Workplace Safety & Health (WSH ) Act requirements.
  • Prepare trainees with the necessary skills in identifying , planning and managing an emergency situation.
  • Equip trainees with the skills in rendering first aid to common accidents, its related injuries and medical emergencies. 
  • Equip trainees with the skills in providing resuscitation (CPR ) and the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED ) in safe, timely and effective manner..
  • Update trainees on the safety protocols and regulations at the workplace.

Legal Requirement:

Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations (Cap. 354A, Rg 4) Reg. 5 stipulates that “every person appointed as a first-aider shall (a) have successfully completed a training course acceptable to the Commissioner; and (b) undergo such subsequent re-training in first-aid treatment as the Commissioner may require”.

Target Audience:

Manager, Project Engineer, Superintendent or equivalent post to be eligible to attend this course.

Entry Requirements:

ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy  Level 5 and above.


Course Duration:

24 hours, including of assessment (3 full days OR 4 evenings with 1 Saturday OR 6 Evenings)

Theory - Facilitator : Learner Ratio is 1:18

Practical - Facilitator :Learner Ratio is 1:6


Power Point Slides & Videos Class Discussions How Participatory “Hands-On” Practical Activities.


  • Theory Assessment (Multiple Choice Questions - 70% To Pass)
  • Practical Assessment
  • 75% Attendance for Entire Course
  • 100% Attendance for CPR + AED

Medium of Instruction:



Occupational First Aid Course Certification Card 

CPR & AED Certification Card- Accredited by National Resuscitation Council 

2 years (Certificate Validity)

SDU Fresh Points:

22 - Fresh (Pending Approval)

18 - Refresher ( Pending Approval)


Price (excluding GST):

Full course fee: $320 ( Fresh ) 

Full course fee: $200 ( Refresher )