21st Century Educators Course

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Today’s teachers are faced with challenges to prepare students for an increasingly diverse, globalized and complex media saturated society.
The teachers need to be equipped with new skills and be aware of international standards to prepare students for the “Real-World” where traditional passive learning has become ineffective for the 21st century learner.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides opportunities for higher order thinking as opposed to passive listening
  • Promotes greater student-faculty and student-student interaction
  • Increases student retention and limits anxiety
  • Permits opportunities to connect the content to real life
  • Builds self-esteem in students
  • Provides for improvement of social interaction skills, greater acceptance of others
  • Encourages alternative forms of assessment
  • Promotes higher levels of achievement
  • Encourages innovation in both teaching and student involvement


  • SES – Understanding the Singapore Education System (Duration: 1 to 3 Days)
  • PBL – Problem Based Learning (Duration: 1 -3 Days)
  • BBL – Brain Based Learning (Duration: 1 – 3 Days)
  • CT – Critical Thinking (Duration: 1 – 3 Days)
  • IAM – International Assessment Methods (Duration: 1 – 3 Days)