Strategic Thinking

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Today’s leaders require the ability to execute tactically, as well as work and think strategically. At all levels, strategic thinking has become necessary for both short and long -term success. The key lies not just in individual skills, but also in the ability to engage others in an ongoing strategy process. In this experientially-based workshop, participants discover their capabilities as strategic thinkers, gain an understanding of the key components of strategic thinking, and apply practical tools.

Learning Objectives
The aim of this course is to enable participants to have a heightened understanding of Strategic thinking and the key elements involved in the process. Participants will be provided with a mind - boggling case study coupled with and real-life scenarios to relate while experiencing strategic thinking at their own perspective. They will also have insights into strategy development techniques and key building blocks used by fortune companies while they form their own action planning that moves into implementing their thought processes.

What you will learn in this programme:
  • Insights to Strategic Thinking
  • The Four Principles of a Successful Strategy
  • Thinking Procedure for Success
  • Telescope or Microscope – Which would you use?
  • More than just tools for exploring your current position
  • Essential steps of Breakthrough Planning
  • Influencing to Empowering - Secrets of Nemawashi
  • Action Plan: The Step-By-Step strategy for success